Michael Heizer City: Largest Contemporary Artwork

Michael Heizer city | Nevada Desert City: Opening After 50 years of Construction

Nevada Desert City is Michael Heizer’s life most important project this was his career-defining work. He has been working on this city since 1970 and after 50 years of construction city is now ready to welcome visitors from on September 2nd through advance registration. This City is spread across a big area of more than a mile and half mile long and wide. This is situated in Central eastern of Nevada Desert.

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When Heizer started City construction in the 1972 it was primary funded by the Heizer himself later he received funds from collectors & institutions and Triple Aught Foundation. Triple Foundation is made for the city to manage and preserve for the future.

Govan initially compare this city with the ancient monuments and cities like Pyramids of Egypt but now “he believes that we can only compare it with itself. Because this type of contemporary Artwork shows our modernity, our awareness and reflection on the subjectivity of our human experience of time and space”.

Michael Heizer city: Cost

The total estimated cost of building this is city is more than $ 40 Million USD. In this estimated included the private property buying, Construction materials, worker cost etc. and this will be the most beautiful Sculpture over the 100 years. Making of this was never be the easy first due to the natural hurdles and secondly because of the area’s protection for which Senator of Nevada Harry Reid fought against it by the public petition and legislation made by the congress. And again from the Trump administration which is wanted to extract the resources from the previously protected lands.

Michael Heizer City: Registration

City will welcome guest with free registration on the basic of first come first served. All the willing visitors must have to register by mailing to The Triple Aught Foundation at  info@tripleaughtfoundation.org and this visiting season will end on November 1. The visit is free for only residents of Nye, Lincoln, and White Pine, Nevada and for others there is price like $ 150 per Adult and $ 100 per Student.

Other Images of City:

Michael Heizer's City
Michael Heizer’s City
Michael Heizer's City
Michael Heizer’s City

FAQ of Michael Heizer’s city

When did construction of city started?

Michael Heizer’s Started construction in 1972 initial funded by himself later he founded the Triple Aught Foundation for Manage and Preservation of City for the future.

What is registration fees for visiting City?

Registration fees is $ 150 per Adult and $ 100 per Student and it also free for the resident of Nye, Lincoln, and White Pine, Nevada.

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