Justin Bieber Net Worth 2022: Bio, Assets, Career Car collection, affairs, top 10 songs, awards

Justin Bieber Net Worth:

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a Canadian Pop Singer and also one of the richest singers in the world.  He is also a Lyricist, Film actor, Producer, Dancer and philanthropist. He debuted in Music Industry in 2007 by making music videos & posted in YouTube. He got Name & Fame with song “baby” of the Album “My World 2.0” in 2010. And In 2022 he is suffering from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which Causes Left side faces Paralysis.

Justin Bieber net worth





Bio Table

Net Worth     $ 350 Million

Full Name             Justin Drew Bieber

Birth Place           Ontario, London

Date of birth          March 1, 1994

Age                        28

Occupation            Singer, Lyricist, Actor Producer

Relationships         Hailey Baldwin (Married 2018)

Height                   175 cm (1.75 m)

Weight                  70 kg

Education             Graduated high not attend college or university


Family Details

Justin Bieber with his family


Mother         –              Pattie Mallette

Father          –             Jeremy Jack Bieber

Step sister    –              Allie, Jazmyn, Bay

step Brother    –           Son Jaxon

Spouse       –               Hailey Baldwin (Married 2018)

children    –                 Not yet

Net Worth & Assets: 350 Million dollars in 2022

Most of Income source is his Songs by tours, concerts, albums, Merchandise, Endorsements of brands like Adidas

Justin Bieber property




Villa in Los Angeles                        $ 10.6 Million

The Mansion in Beverly Hills          $ 25.8 Million

Sigma House                                  $ 5 Million



“Kidrauhl”  YouTube Channel which was made by his mother in 2007. and these properties are part of Justin Bieber net worth.


Justin Bieber Top 10 Songs


  1.  Baby                               My World 2.0 Album 2010
  2. Love Yourself                  Love Yourself Album in 2015
  3. Stay                                F*ck Love Album in 2021
  4. I’m the one                     Grateful Album in 2017
  5. Peaches                           Justice Album in 2021
  6. Sorry                               Purpose Album in 2015
  7. Despacito                        Despacito Album in 2017
  8. Stuck With U                  Stuck With U in 2020
  9. What Do You Mean?       Pop Party 15 in 2015
  10. Never Day Never            My Worlds: The Collection in 2010


Upcoming songs


  2. RED EYE
  3. ANGELS SPEAK & HAILEY are going to a Japanese edition of justice album




Justin First relationship with Caitlin Beadles 2008 to 2009

 They met in Atlanta in 2008. That time Justin just moved to Atlanta to pursue his career of Singing. But Justin become famous all of sudden due to his song “Baby” after that they split up but they remain good friends.

Justin with Selena Gomez      2011 to 2012 & again 2015 to 2018

Justin Bieber with Selena



They officially started dating in 2011. This relationship was his first serious relationship but in 2012 rumors spread that Justin cheated on Selena. After that they patch up in 2015 theirs years of on & off finally ended in 2018 when they decided to breakup officially. They are the most loved coupled by the fans & fans call them Jelena


JB and Hailey Baldwin –  2018 to till now.



Justin Bieber with his Wife Hailey Baldwin

They first meet in a fan meet in 2009 but didn’t think that way then.  They again came into lime light in 2016 when he posted a make-out picture of his & Hailey after that he asked in GQ cover Story “ What if Hailey ends up being the girl I’m gonna marry, right?” but Gomez fans misunderstand it after that he deleted his post. Fans call them “Jailey”.

Again in 2018 they were seen kissing in New York city in the summer. Later than she Tweeted about engagement with Justin saying what she did to meet an incredible person to share life with him.


Car Collection in 2022 :


  1. Mercedes Benz SLS-AMG                  $ 443,000
  2. Ferrari 458 Italia                    –              $ 421,000
  3. Rolls Royce Ghost                               $ 344,000
  4. Lamborghini Aventador                       $ 339,000
  5. Lamborghini Urus                                $ 200,000
  6. Audi R8                                                $ 170,000
  7. Mercedes Benz G-Wagon                    $ 148,000
  8. Fisker Karma 408 Ecosport                 $ 116,000
  9. Cadillac Escalade ESV                         $ 106,000
  10. Range Rover Sport                               $ 100,000


Career : life Journey

He is famous because of his Genre-melding musicianship & he is most loveable Singer for Modern-day music. His potential first recognized by the “Scooter Braun a American Record Executive” after seeing his YouTube videos which was posted by his mother. After that he join RBMG Records in 2008. With the Release of My World in 2009 he got fame in Music Industry. 

In 2010 Album  “My World 2.0” was huge success for Justin which made him reach the top of Billboard 200 list in category of Youngest Solo male act. “Baby” single of this album spread all over the world and become the “Highest certified Singles” of all the time in United States.

He released lots of album like Under the Mistietoe in 2011, Purpose, Love Yourself, Sorry , What do you Mean? Despacito etc.


Awards:  he won total 364 Awards in different-different categories.


  1. Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012
  2. Diamond Award of RIAA in 2013
  3. 2 Grammy Awards
  4. 1 Latin Grammy Award
  5. 8 Juno Awards.
  6. 2 Brit Awards.
  7. 26 Billboard Music Awards.
  8. 18 American Music Awards
  9. 23 Teen Choice Awards & more.

Health :

He was caught by  “Ramsay Hunt Syndrome” Which make facial paralysis. his left side of face got paralysis. before this he was also Covid-19 positive. In 2020 he was fighting with his Depression. he used a oxygen to fight with his anxiety. before that he was catch by the addiction of illegal drugs.


Q.1 What is Justin Bieber net Worth?

Ans. Around $ 300 Million.


Q.2 How old Justin is?

Ans. 28 years in 2022.


Q.3 When did Justin become famous?

Ans. In the starting of 2009 when he released the album “My World”. he catch the attention of peoples with his voice & good look.


Q.4 Is Justin Single?

Ans. No, He is married to Hailey Baldwin in 2018.


Q.5 What happened to his face?

Ans. Due to Ramsay Hunt Syndrome he got facial paralysis on the left side. It is same virus which  causes chickenpox. but after a chickenpox end their are chances that this virus still alive in body which can damage facial nerves even after many years.


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